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Saalik, thank you for welcoming us into your world of words as vibration. I loved getting a glimpse into words and their meaning for you, and through the love and legacy of your grandfather.

We have a word for it in Japanese: 言霊

Koto-dama, literally /say, utter, word/


/spirit, soul, can be also like phantom energy/

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“It’s only words…

Words are all

I have… to take your heart away “… to a new wordsmith 🥂… may they be a helpful companion to your powerful thoughts !!

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Love this essay! And our words actually affect how we experience the world. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-biolinguistic-turn/201702/how-the-language-we-speak-affects-the-way-we-think

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Beautiful article! Words are so powerful and this article reminds us to use our words judiciously, listen more carefully, and to not jump to inappropriate conclusions based on a quick translation. We all have to practice this better in our integrated world. I will remember this article when using a translator to communicate with my patients from a different region of the world. Thank you!

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Beautiful essay, your lovely descriptions motivates me to keep learning languages and to experience the language based on the culture and context rather then reflecting it off a mere translation.

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