Welcome! A smorgasbord of thoughts on technology, value, language, and presence, The Spoonful is an ever-evolving buffet.

I’m Saalik, a software engineer, writer, and mystic. I write to understand myself and this world that I live in. The Spoonful is an expression of this attempt to understand and feel through it all. I hope that my thoughts and experiences however roughshod or half-baked, have things that are tasty enough to resonate.

I typically publish weekly, and organize my posts into seasons, so that I can recap my writing regularly.

My goals when writing here:

  • Express, and through that expression, learn.

  • Make new friends.

  • Uncover new parts of myself.

A couple goodies

On how translations are a lie:

On the way we can create conversational forcefields:

On the magic of software:

I’m always down to chat! Feel free to check out my website to find links to the socials, or send me an email: saalik@thespoonful.dev.

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Saalik Lokhandwala

Prose, poetry, & code. On sabbatical. On a journey to write, build, travel and stay centered.